Fimber Texel Shearling Ewes


We have  three groups of gimmers- all pure bred - one group is kept for replacements they are pedigreed and performance recorded,

the second group are also pedigrees and are performance recorded and for sale at Skipton or at home,

the remainder are for sale at home or Malton and are performance recorded and eligible for registration or can be left as commercial shearlings.

For those interested, the performance summary for the shearling ewes

is from "iTexel" and is at the foot of this page




Gimmers for Skipton 2022


Gimmers for sale in 2021




Gimmer Shearlings

For Sale Locally (Home or Malton)

  Gimmer Thornton Dale 2022





Gimmer Shearlings

For Sale at Skipton 16th of September 2021

Lot Numbers 9 to 16




Shearling Performance 2022


Values for  Overall Index and for Growth Rate are provided  from the iTexel Performance Recording results within the  National Texel evaluation. That is to say, these Gimmers are being compared to all Performance Recorded Texels in the UK.         

  Index Rank Index Sire Name Dam    Scan Weight (growth) Rank Growth rate CT Gigot Muscularity Rank Gigot        
LJF2100711(2) 323 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800582   9.83 A 0.78 C   A A C
LJF2100715(1) 297 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1700555   9.52 B 1.14 A   A B A
LJF2100716(2) 243 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900658   8.12 B 1.47 A   B B A
LJF2100719(2) 293 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800570   9.42 B 0.91 B   A B B
LJF2100726(2) 237 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800619   5.56 E 1.3 A   C E A
LJF2100727(2) 203 E RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800619   3.83   1.53 A   E 0 A
LJF2100729(2) 339 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800579   12.76 A 1.16 A   A A A
LJF2100731(2) 267 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1800614   9.14 B 0.91 B   B B B
LJF2100733(2) 261 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900659   7.88 C 1.15 A   B C A
LJF2100735(3) 241 B RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900635   10.39 A 1.22 A   B A A
LJF2100737(3) 280 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900635   10.13 A 1.22 A   A A A
LJF2100740(2) 270 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900660   7.74 C 1.16 A   A C A
LJF2100742(2) 277 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1900627   9.44 B 1.15 A   A B A
LJF2100745(1) 239 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1600463   6.32 D 1.03 B   C D B
LJF2100748(2) 299 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1500438   9.86 A 1.26 A   A A A
LJF2100749(2) 277 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1500438   7.23 C 1.26 A   A C A
LJF2100750(2) 246 B MULLAN CHANCELLOR JER1909274   9.83 A -0.71     B A 0
LJF2100751(2) 249 B MULLAN CHANCELLOR JER1909274   9.84 A -0.71     B A 0
LJF2100753(3) 239 C RUGLEY BONZO LJF1300246   6.54 D 1.75 A   C D A
LJF2100757(3) 316 A RUGLEY BONZO LJF1600487   8.95 B 1.31 A   A B A
LJF2100762(2) 192 E RUGLEY BONZO LJF1700546   5.26 E 1.74 A   E E A
            Index Growth Gigot          
      A Top 1%   270 & + 9.64 1.14          
      B Top 5%   240 8.11 0.83          
      C Top 10%   224 7.29 0.66          
      D Top 25%   197 5.93 0.38          
      E Average   167 4.41 0.07          
      F Less                   




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