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  In the event that restrictions still apply to limit the spread of the virus, we will have special arrangements for selling our stock for the breeding season 2020. We wish to protect both the visitors who are seeking to purchase breeding sheep and ourselves by establishing a health and safety routine for sales from home which is outlined below.  




Sire of  lambs in 2020




  • Visitors are to ensure they are free from Covid 19

  • Agree to the recommended 'Social distancing'.

  • Arrive at Valley Farm Cottage, Fimber preferably with livestock transport facility. If no-one sees you arrive, telephone 01377 236698 to announce your arrival.

  • A maximum of two persons (no children) are invited.

  •  Gloves will be provided and disinfectant will be available. Gloves to be worn at all times when handling gates etc.,

  • You will be directed to the location of the sheep available for selection.

  • Each animal will be identified and you will be provided with appropriate written information related to each animal.

  • Social distancing must be maintained  throughout and including the loading of purchased animals.

  • Containers will be available to facilitate safe handling of the paperwork to complete the transaction.





If you have any concerns with the above routines, please call us and we will be happy to discuss them.


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